Lighting design & control.

We can help you design a creative lighting plan for your next project, and guide you with deciding on light fittings & types of lighting for great features & to illuminate areas correctly.

We have experience with a number of different lighting control systems such as Loxone, Rako & Lutron. We can design the system to create moods and scenes throughout the home. You can also automate the lighting for certain parts of the day, or triggered by events. For example; kitchen lights come on at 07:00 ready for you to make a coffee, or all the external lights flashing when the alarm is triggered…. the options really are endless.

Find out how Volt Electrical can help you.

Volt Electrical Co is able to design, install & maintain a wide variety of electrical systems. From domestic and commercial electrical installation, to CCTV, Networks & Wifi, Fully integrated Smart Homes, Renewable energies, EV chargers & more.

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