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Solar PV and Battery Storage is now at the forefront of people’s minds and with the price of energy ever increasing the initial investment is well worth considering

How Solar Works 

Photovoltaic Panels

Solar PV (photovoltaic) panels convert light directly to electricity.

When solar panels absorb sunlight, particles (photons) to knock electrons free from atoms inside the solar cells, generating a Direct Current (DC).

An inverter converts the Direct Current (DC) to an Alternating Current (AC) – your mains electricity.

The electricity is used in your house initially, and if not needed, is automatically stored in Batteries (if you have them) or exported to the national grid. You will also continue to buy electricity from your supplier, if you use more than your panels are generating.

Source: bpec learning for life “Renewables Domestic Solar Photovoltaic Systems Learning Manual” February 2017, p2

Solar PV Battery Storage 

Installing a solar panel battery storage allows you to store all the energy that you have produced but are currently not using. The collected energy that the battery has stored can be used for later use instead of buying it from the grid.Here are some benefits of installing a Solar PV storage battery

> Save even more money on your energy bills

> Less energy brought from the grid

> Maximise your investment in Solar Panels

Volt Electrical have installed solar PV systems on domestic residences of all sizes and complexity, providing excellent customer service from start to finish with each individual project. We pride ourselves on offering the very best advice, products and service to ensure that your home installation is cost effective, great value and reliable.

> Solar PV installations are maintenance free and are a fantastic investment for your future, allowing you to generate your own green electricity and reducing your carbon footprint.

> With ever increasing electricity bills a Solar PV system can benefit everyone.

Benefits of solar PV

> Reduce your electricity bills: A solar PV system generates electricity which your home will consume before importing from the grid. When signed up to The Smart Export Guarantee, any excess generation not being consumed within your home will be directed back to the grid. In this case you will be paid for exporting the excess electricity depending on your tariff.

> Solar electricity is clean: electricity generated by solar is a clean energy that doesn’t release any harmful pollutants, including carbon dioxide

> Sustainable energy: The sun is a natural, unlimited source of energy and harnessing its immense power doesn’t harm the environment or drain the earth’s own natural resources

> Low maintenance: Solar PV systems are generally very reliable. They have no moving parts so require little maintenance and most solar panels have a 25-year warranty

Volt Electrical Services are the smart choice for any Solar PV and battery storage installation in Suffolk and further afield.

With over 30 years of electrical experience,we pride ourselves on delivering the latest technology at a truly competitive cost and backed up with our traditional high levels of customer service and support.

Our aim is to design your solar PV system that is bespoke to your property, and your requirements, and is best suited for your needs – whether it is for your home or commercial premises.

All of our systems are professionally installed by our own team of highly skilled and trained engineers, who pay particular attention to detail with regards to the building’s aesthetics, hiding and concealing any cabling where possible, and leaving your property clean and tidy.

We also ensure that the system is thoroughly checked tested and operational before we leave, explaining how the system operates to the client or end user, so you get all information required to be able to use your system to its full potential.

We guarantee a high-quality installation and, as a local company you can be sure that we will be on hand should you have any problems or questions in the future.

Unlike some larger solar PV companies, we don’t just understand the principle of Solar PV, we understand the whole electrical structure, so we are the perfect choice for integrating either a new solar PV installation or battery storage solution to your existing electrical installation.

> We are not tied to a single supplier so we can design and install the best system for you

> We offer a free survey and quotation

> We do not believe in high-pressure selling

> We give you full support during and after your installation.

Our renewable energy team of electricians work with clients in Ipswich, Martlesham, Woodbridge, Felixstowe, Framlingham, Aldeburgh, Leiston and Stowmarket in Suffolk, as well as Colchester in Essex and across East Anglia. We will always be on hand to help keep your home safely wired.

For all your domestic, commercial, and industrial electrical services please contact us today.

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