Monitor your homes security, at all times.

Here at Volt Electrical Co. We are passionate about keeping homes secure and clients feeling safe.

We can install a CCTV system within the home with up to 4k video quality and monitoring via a smart home app. Get alerts to your phone when you are away, and live view, playback or trigger a manual alarm or deterrent.

Our complete alarm packages also integrate with the CCTV, and can be monitored in the exact same way. Forgot to set the alarm when you left? Don’t worry, this can be sorted on the app. Let us take care of your security, so you can be comfortable in the fact that your home & belongings are safe.

Find out how Volt Electrical can help you.

Volt Electrical Co is able to design, install & maintain a wide variety of electrical systems. From domestic and commercial electrical installation, to CCTV, Networks & Wifi, Fully integrated Smart Homes, Renewable energies, EV chargers & more.

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