Great news coming from this month (February 2024)!

The UK Government has actioned their plans laid out in December to further the VAT relief on energy storage batteries. From the 1st of February, the VAT relief extends to energy storage batteries where it was previously limited to batteries only stored alongside solar panels. The new policy released now includes stand-alone battery installations as well as retrofitted batteries.

So what is actually changing?

This is part of the government’s continued expansion of VAT relief on energy-saving materials (ESMs), first announced in the 2022 Spring Statement.

The following is now subject to V.A.T relief, reducing your overall bill by 20%;

1. Stand-alone battery storage

2. Retrofit batteries

3. Battery Storage added alongside solar PV

If you were thinking about upgrading your battery storage or looking to get solar EV work done but the price wasn’t right. Now might be the best time to get a revised quote. Contact us to get a no-obligation quote that will include these updates on pricing.

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